Spirit Warrior Martial Arts Academy Philosophy and Style
   The training at our school is based on the style of moo duk kwan taekwondo. Moo Duk Kwan, which was founded by Hwang Kee, means "school of martial virtue." A typical class will include any or all of the following: stretching, strength building, basics, forms (poomse), self-defense, step-sparring, free sparring, and since we are a taekwondo school, a lot of kicking drills! Discussions of warrior values are common and frequent during class (such as the five tenets of taekwondo, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit). Classes begin and end with a short meditation session.
    At our school we do compete in tournaments, but it is not our main goal. We are not a "tournament school." When competition is the primary focus, then winning is the most important thing to that person. The ego becomes the driving force as one learns to defeat his or her opponents. In reality, the true opponent is one's self, or specifically the ego. Tournaments and other competition can provide valuable lessons in humility, overcoming one's own fears, and building perseverance. It should not, however, be the primary or only focus of a true martial artist. At Spirit Warrior Martial Arts Academy, our attitude is to use competition as a tool to personal growth, and nothing more.
    The primary philosophy of Spirit Warrior Martial Arts Academy revolves around the understanding that a true martial artist must be in total harmony with mind, body, and spirit. It is through this union that the student finds their true self. For thousands of years, this has been the main focus of real martial arts. Many of today's martial arts schools have lost their way in this endeavor, by turning their back on some of the very important traditions of martial arts.

The Spirit Warrior Difference

    This is not just another watered down martial arts school as is so prevalent in America today. In a time when belt advancements are so readily handed out like candy, you can be assured that at Spirit Warrior Martial Arts Academy you will not be allowed to advance in rank until you are truly ready. This especially holds true for the rank of black belt. Black belt means you are in effect an expert of some sort at self-defense. To earn it, you must show that you can readily defend yourself in most any situation. In addition, it also holds that simply being the toughest fighter on the planet in and of itself does not mean you are worthy of a black belt. A true black belt also knows how to avoid a fight. At the Spirit Warrior Martial Arts Academy, to earn a black belt you must also show that you have the self-control and compassion of a true warrior.

    Most schools have discontinued the very important tradition of meditation in their classes. This is quite unfortunate, as meditation is one of the most important tools in learning to unite mind, body and spirit. At Spirit Warrior Martial Arts Academy we carry on the practice of meditation in our classes.


    At our school, traditional martial arts is core to our training. A lot can be said, though, for the improvement and evolution of that training in the world today. Our core style, for example, is traditional taekwondo. We blend this with other styles such as jiu jitsu, boxing, judo, and common sense self-defense. One moment the student may be performing a very traditional poomse (form), followed later with a combination technique involving a taekwondo kick and some boxing punches. The traditions of respect and discipline are absolute standards of behavior at Spirit Warrior Martial Arts Academy, both encouraged and enforced in every class.

Training At Our School

    The core belief and driving force at Spirit Warrior Martial Arts Academy, is that martial arts is a way of life. It is not a sport. The goal is to build the person and help them reach their full, true potential. This is done through physical training and mental discipline in the combative arts. Being a warrior, and knowing how to defend oneself is very important at our school. Of more importance however, is the growth of one's true self, the spirit if you will.