Adult students

Adult Only Classes

Are you uncomfortable with the idea of training in the typical strip mall martial arts school comprised mostly of kids? Have you tried martial arts schools that are so watered down they don’t truly teach you how to defend yourself? Do you believe that at 30, 40 or 50 years old, you’re too old to start martial arts? If so, we have what you need. Our school only takes adults 18 years or older (many of our students are over 40). We are a small, close knit school which ensures that you get a LOT of individual attention!

We welcome adults of all ages, all athletic abilities, and any physical condition, who want to make major changes in their life, or lack the self-discipline to push themselves. Martial arts is so much more than just learning how to defend yourself. We will join and guide you on a journey to self-fulfillment. 

  • build your self-confidence
  • conquer your fears
  • learn to defend yourself
  • lose weight and improve cardio conditioning
  • gain the power to realize anything is possible

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