Adult Classes

What you won't find at Spirit Warrior Martial Arts Academy are 10 year old black belts, birthday parties or parents night out babysitting. You won't find classes run by "black belts" with only a couple years experience. The head instructor at the Academy is  sabumnim Chuck Niemi, who has over 40 years experience, and personally instructs virtually every class.

Weary of the typical strip mall taekwondo school comprised mostly of kids? Apprehensive of the ground and pound attitude of a MMA school?
We follow the "Art of War" concept that the best battle won, is the one without bloodshed. We firmly believe, however, that when all else has failed, one should have the ability and confidence to defend one's self in any situation.
What you will find is discipline, respect, and caring, guided instruction. The training is hard and traditional, and the instructor demanding and focused on the higher standards of his students.
We welcome adults of all ages, all athletic abilities, and any physical condition, who want to make major changes in their life, or lack the self-discipline to push themselves. We will join and guide you on a journey to self-fulfillment.
adults kicking
Do you think you are too old to do martial arts? Adults often falsely believe martial arts is only for kids. Studies have consistently shown that martial arts practice has incredible physical and mental benefits to adults 35 to 60 years old!!
No, you're not too old!
Women Find Martial Arts To Be Especially Empowering!

Do you think its not for women or girls? Most females find it to be an especially life changing and affirming experience. Some of the best martial artists are women and girls. We encourage you to not be intimidated by martial arts, but rather give it a chance. It will change your life!